Being a writer, I have a passion for words. This passion led me to take a 9-month long course on a method for teaching dyslexic kids to retain information better and, for a short time, tutoring kids in this method. Orton Gillingham is a beautiful way to teach the English language and through taking this class I came to feel that everyone should know about this method, so I started a blog, OG for All. I no longer add material to this blog. I may some day write more, but for now, I am going to leave the information up and hope that it helps those who see what I see for learning from this way of teaching. 

Meditation & The Way of Tea

In 2008, I began attending meditation on a regular basis. More than I can put into words, meditation has helped me see the beauty in life. I love mindful meditation because it doesn't ask me to not think. I'm a thinking being! It teaches me to see my thoughts as just a thought, a cloud or a bubble that can float right by, if I choose this to be the case. 

I have had many ideas come to me in meditation, including the start of my blog, Mom's Soul CafĂ©. The reason I was in meditation was because I decided to be a stay at home mom after I had my kids 22 months apart in 2005 and 2007. The daily ins and outs of motherhood were not quite as easy as I had envisioned. I also began to read metaphysical books and incorporate mindful principles in my life. The blog became my way to see how the days events could be lived from a perspective of awareness and spirituality rather than just a to-do list. 

Sitting Meditation is a key part of my life today. Not only do I lead them, I often attend guided meditations and love each and every one for what these times give me in the form of an open heart and a more grounded spirit to carry in my daily life. One thing I understand though after so many years is that sitting meditation may not be for everyone. That could be so... but I know for sure that mindfulness is for EVERYONE! I was introduced to The Way of Tea by Don Simmons, a spiritual mentor and meditation leader (and a dear friend) whose mindful meditations I have attended for many years. With his permission, I am carrying his tradition of Tea Ceremony to others who are interested in meditation. Tea Ceremony is a mindful practice in the form of a moving meditation. It is sacred and whimsical at the same time. It's a practice -- chop wood (the transformation), carry water (the reflection) and drink tea (the community coming together and a celebration).

If you have ever been interested in meditation or want to learn more about mindful living, The Way of Tea meditation is for you! It is for beginners and a great change for seasoned meditators.