July 2019, Perimeter North Lifestyle Magazine, Our History. Article and photography credit. Written on behalf of Heritage Sandy Springs Museum and Park.

Public Relations Writing Samples. These are press releases (many that ran as written in local publications). 

Best Self Magazine Contributions

April 2013, Simplify & Get Happy. Quoted on organization and spirituality.

August 3013, How to Get More Free Time. Quoted on Family (motherhood) and free time.

April/May 2018, My Best Self. Interviewed and quoted on Mindfulness and Motherhood. Book, Mom's Soul Café used as basis for article.

Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine, from 2000-2005, I wrote articles for all Atlanta Home Show and Atlanta Garden & Patio Show programs that appeared in this magazine. 


I've authored three books. Mom's Soul Café, based on my blog, Surviving braces, and Slant the Ant is a children's book based on a poem I wrote for my kids when they were little. I also paginated and designed covers for each of the books. All self-published and for sale on Amazon. I illustrated Slant the Ant myself by combining stock illustrations together.


Jennifer Webb




1990s, Newsletter Business. ToothTalk was a newsletter that I wrote, designed, and mailed for dentists to send to their patient bases. I had around 13 local dentists subscribing. I wrote a "bank" of articles and customized the front and back with the dentist's name and office information. I also coded my own website for this business (it was before the drag and drop era).

Sample One

Sample Two

Mom's Soul Café 

A blog I started in 2010, to share my experience with having two children and a mindful, spiritual approach to parenting. 

OG For All

A blog I started in 2012, after taking a nine-month course on the Orton Gillingham method of teaching. This method is mainly used for dyslexics, but I feel everyone should be taught English this way. I have also created workbooks and support material on this blog for digital download. 

Heritage Sandy Springs Community Newsletters, interviewed community and wrote all articles, designed newsletters.  

HSSMP Newsletter May 2019

HSSMP Newsletter August 2019